CTF Undertaker

Manufacturer: CTF
Price £3.30

A true Canadian fly, first tied by late Warren Duncan in 1979. It’s one of the most popular flies around; generally tied on doubles or trebles, though single hooks are more popular in North America. The Undertaker is considered an all-rounder fly, though it is probably most popular in summer and autumn. The Green and Red butt creates a very stark contrast to the rest of the darker colored fly, creating what many call a strike point.

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In order to achieve a high level of excellence in fly dressing, it’s not enough to carefully “dress” hooks in rainbow materials. It requires patience, persistence, and entomological and ichthyologic knowledge. It is very important to focus on fly dressing techniques with which it is possible to catch fish under different conditions with an elegant and easily dressed fly.

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All CTF flies are approved by Tay river salmon. Quality Every Cast For The Discerning Angler