Manufacturer: Barry Grewcock
Price from £30

I have been dressing classic flies for about 40 years now. I have the patterns of well over 3500 classic salmon & sea trout flies which are given in the 2 books I have authored “The Fly Dresser’s Guide to Classic Salmon and Sea Trout Flies”  and   “The Compendium of Classic Salmon and Sea Trout Flies”.  I am at present working on a companion book to The Fly Dresser’s Guide  which will be titled “The Fly Dresser’s Guide to Classic Trout and Grayling Flies”

I have dressed presentation flies and fishing flies for a large number of clients from all over the world. Over the years that they have been keeping in touch with me and asking for repeat orders they all have become good friends.

The presentation flies are mounted individually on cream card and slotted into clear plastic CD cases. If requested I can supply framed flies, or sets of flies mounted on card (any colour requested by the client) ready for framing by the client. If the client wishes, I can design a fly to match their requirements (A particular name, colours etc) for presentation on a special occasion.
The Average price of a presentation fly (Size 2/0) is £30  the price may vary slightly depending on the size or fly requested or the complexity of the fly or the materials it requires.
The price of fishing flies we can negotiate with the client. It will depend on the size, number and complexity of the fly.