Baltic salmon

Baltic Salmon Fly Fishing Secrets 

There are about 3000 rivers and rivulets flowing in Lithuania but only 18 of them are longer than 100 km, 733 hardly exceed 10 km in length. The grayling and brown trout are two of the most beautiful species of fresh water fish in our waters. They live in the rivers of the south east of the country – Neris, Žeimena, Merkys, Ūla, Salčia, Gauja, Veknė and others. It is a wonderful group of rivers with cold water and impetuous black-waters. Most of the rivers are fed by springs, running through forest land and inhabited by grayling and brown trout. In autumn the rivers are a very good place for Baltic salmon and sea trout. Local wild populations of fish prevail in the rivers because the Lithuanian rivers are not stocked with artificially bred grayling and brown trout.

The Lithuanian history of fly-fishing isn’t very old, as it has only been known in the country for 100 years. Nevertheless, there exist some local traditions and original fishing flies. The first Lithuanian book on fishing called “Fishing Sport” by V.Goštautas was published in 1939, and the author mentions fly-fishing and presents a short description. There were very few articles on fly-fishing published in our country during the years of Soviet power, and it is only for the last 20 years that fly-fishing has become increasingly popular.

Let us help you discover the fantastic fly fishing available in our rivers in Lithuania, and share with you those secret secluded places that only a local could know about. Learn the secrets of just where and how to catch large grayling, trout or Baltic salmon from experienced, local professional Fly Fishing Guides. You will enjoy some of the most wonderful nature and river views Lithuania has to offer. We also provide all of the fishing tackle required, safety vests and waders. We cater for individuals or groups. B&B accommodation and airport transfers can also be arranged.

Guiding 1hr: 
1 angler: £35
2 anglers: £60
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Guiding full day:
1 angler: £150
2 anglers: £250
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All of the above costs will be plus fishing fees, if applicable.


Salmon Fishing Package:
1 angler: £350
2 anglers: £300 per person
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Trout Fishing Package:
1 angler: £250
2 anglers: £175 per person
3 anglers: £150 per person
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Package includes:
The permits to fish
Travel to and from the fishing
All the fishing and safety equipment you’ll need
Guiding all day from a pro-guide
Travel to and from the fishing

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