We are very proud to have shared our knowledge and skills in fly fishing and fly dressing with fishermen, for more than 25 years; from teaching the basics of fly fishing, fly casting, and techniques, to advance angling concepts and fly dressing. Our goal is to increase your knowledge of Fly Fishing World and to provide you with a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Each suggestion will be individually tailored to suit your particular needs and skill levels, to ensure maximum enjoyment and fishing success.

Do you feel lost in the flies box? Unsure of which fly to choose? Let us share with you our professional experience of fly dressing. We offer not only the highest quality flies, dressed on the best hooks and the best materials that are available in the market, but catchable flies too. We tie all of my flies, professionally, to our high personal standards.
We dress the original custom flies, which have distinctive fly fishing traditions. If you have a different pattern or fly that you would like to have tied, please contact us. We offer a personalized tying service, and no job or request is too small.
In order to achieve a high level of excellence in fly dressing, it’s not enough to carefully “dress” a hook in rainbow coloured materials. It requires a lot of patience, persistence, and as already mentioned, entomological and ichthyologic knowledge.
It is very important to focus on fly dressing techniques with which it is possible to catch fish under different conditions with an elegant and easy dressed fly.
A right fly, in the right place, at right time, guarantees your success. Therefore, fly dressing has one rule – flies are designed to catch the fish, not the angler…Our fly tying is based on several simple principles:
• Quick and easy to dress.
• To use only good quality materials.
• Balance, proportion and appearance.
• Natural.
• Durable.
I am very proud of every fly that comes out of my vice.