Manufacturer: Edrdaynate
Price FREE

Opening Day 2020

THE RIVER TAY 2020 SALMON SEASON OPENING DAY Wednesday 15th January 2020 @ 9:30 am Edradynate beat at Church pool

Manufacturer: Speyco reels USA
Price £499


SPEYCO 4″ SKAGIT BLACK AND SILVER SNAKE ROLL SPEY REEL Speyco fly reels are proudly manufactured in the United States of…

Copper Tom

The Copper Tom is an emerging Tay pattern which bucks the trend on body colour, but still catches the salmon’s…


Tomas Kolesinskas has a fly which he tied on last spring and fished it right through the season with utmost…

Cry Wolf

From the onset of summer right through until late autumn, Tomas Kolesinskas turns to a Norwegian pattern which sports a…