CFT Copper Tom Temple

Manufacturer: Tomas Kolesinskas
Price £5.20

The CTF – Copper Tom Temple is a top quality hand tied fly by Tomas Kolesinskas For The Discerning Angler on the Plastic, Aluminium or Copper tubes.

Please contact the seller to indicate which sizes and tube you require, and buy in threes. I have changed the dressing slightly from the original and this fly does very well on the Tay. The fly is unique and should be successful on any river throughout the world. We offer the highest quality flies, dressed on the best hooks and with the best materials on the market. So let us share with you our professional experience of fly dressing. All of my flies are professionally tied by me in UK (Scotland), to the highest personal standards. We dress the original custom flies, which have distinctive fly fishing traditions.

We offer a personalized tying service, and no job or request is too small. Please contact the seller to indicate which sizes and tube you require and buy in threes.

The Copper Tom name and pattern are protected by EU & international copyright laws. It is illegal to sell this pattern without the agreement of Custom Tied Flies (Tomas Kolesinskas). I am glad to share this information with you. Tie this fly and use them yourself or give to your buddies, but please do not retail them or tie for a shop to sell.

All my flies are approved by Tay river salmon