We help you to discover the soul of Spey Casting. We will provide you with Spey Casting lessons and an in-depth course on salmon fishing. We believe in teaching you the correct techniques from the very start and how to avoid picking up any bad casting habits that could take you years to rectify in the future.
We offer a Spey Casting course, which will concentrate mainly on teaching you how to Spey Cast correctly, and a more in-depth salmon fishing, which will include how to read the river and spot the pools; rod, reel and fly selection; and how to hook, play and successfully land a salmon.

A good cast is one which puts the fly where you want it, in the way you want it.

Where: Lessons are generally held on the Tay River, Edradynate beat, but we can also travel to you. The cost of travel will be discussed when you contact us;

What to Bring: 
·     Rod, reel & line * we will be happy to provide equipment if you do not have it – please notify us in advance of the class;
·     Waders or wading shoes, hat;
·     Sunglasses;

Beginning Classes:
·     Equipment basics;
·     Matching rods and lines;
·     Overview of Spey casting: why, when, principles, mechanics;
·     Basic principles of the Spey casts including Roll Cast, Circle Cast, Single Spey Cast;
·     Questions and answers;
·     Practice Casts;

Intermediate Classes:
·     Overview of Spey casting: why, when, principles, mechanics;
·     Demonstration of the Spey casts, including Roll Cast, Circle Cast, Single Spey Cast, Double Spey cast, Snake Roll Cast, Overhead cast, and Sunken lines casts;
·     Faults and how to correct them;
·     Questions and answers;
·     Individual work with the instructor;

·     Private lessons £45/hour; Recommended max 3 hours;
·     Group lessons £120/student. Group lessons last for four (4) hours and are limited to 3 students, unless special group requirements have been arranged; 

For more information, prices and Fishing Tour packages availability, please contact us